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  • from Peter Greenwood, DJ, Pulse FM (June 2016) *****
    ” … If you’ve been through Argyll at all in your life everywhere you look you’ll hear the album and it’s origins in every hill and fern and sunset in this beautiful but often lonely and isolated part of the world …”
  • from the Scotsman (4th June 2016) ***
    ” … there’s a satisfying, wistful melancholy running through the gentle folk pop and country balladeering of this haunting collection … ” Fiona Shepherd
  • from MusicNewsScotland (28 May 2016)
  • Argyll & Bute’s MSP, Michael Russell … MUST get that CD to him! (24 May 2016)
  • from University of the West of Scotland News (24 May 2016)
    Alana commented: “MusicMakesMe was such a fantastic project to be a part of. Rural Argyll is a very inspiring place to live, especially when it comes to influencing creative practices, however, it is not always easy to connect and work with fellow musicians and artists in such a vast region, but MusicMakesMe made it all possible! Being a part of the project was an unforgettable experience, and I, along with my fellow recording artists, are just so thrilled with the finished result.”
  • Pulse 98.4’s Big Drive Home with Peter Greenwood
    “Today’s ‪#‎TotalGuessTuesday‬ is very personal to me. Music Makes Me is a collaboration of singer-songwriters based in my home and native land of Argyll. We’ll be playing Down By The Shore by Alana-Kathryn Mathers as our pick from the album this week!”
  • from Joy Dunlop’s Newsletter (25 May 2016)
    “For this particular project, [8] participants were invited to bring their own original work to the Music Makes Me studio and work in groups with celebrated musician and singer/songwriter, Joe McAlinden and Grammy Award winning sound producer, David Donaldson to create original songs. This was a hugely inspiring process for me that not only forced me out of my comfort zone but gave me the opportunity to work with some fabulous musicians.”
  • (19 April 2016)
    “[Joy Dunlop’s] voice has depth, range and astonishing purity. Her diction – a too often neglected delight – is impeccable. But beyond that, she can motivate a lyric as few can do. Her Is Duine Mi is the stop-and-repeat track on the album. Don’t ask me what it means – you do ‘know’. The liquid harp of Pippa Reid-Fraser tops and tails it with enchantment – and it is superbly produced, paying tribute to an unforgettable voice.” Lynda Henderson

    • “I was staying in a hotel last week and talking to a 70-year-old American lawyer/psychiatrist about music. The American was saying about old songs how good they were and how new songs were no good. I had ‘You don’t Have to Be Strong’ by David Fee, one of the musicians involved in the CD, on my phone and played it by the time it was finished he was in tears and said, and I quote ‘My wife is disabled and those are the words I have been wanting to say to her for years and now I know what the words I want to say are” To me that shows the power of music as well as what a great song it is …” Steve on