David Donaldson

David Donaldson recorded and mixed In the Wild Country for the Music Makes Me project.

David Donaldson is a graduate from the SAE in Glasgow whose 17 year career has covered almost every facet of sound production from recording, producing and mastering live bands to his recent music productions for both commercial release and film. He has enjoyed a long working relationship with Glasgow-born composer Craig Armstrong programming and co-producing on over 12 films and various commercial and artistic projects.  In 2001 he won a Grammy Award for producing and engineering the soundtrack for “Ray”, a biopic about the life of Ray Charles.  He has just completed working on the new Frankenstein film for release later this year. David has recently finished working on his first work for Cryptic’s “The Embassy” as well as working on Mirror Music’s second album with Silicone Soul’s Graeme Reedie; to be released on the Darkroom Dubs label soon.  He is currently working on a neo-classical piece exploring shared themes within music and science.