David Fee

Fee, aka David Fee, has been writing songs, honing his craft, and singing his own honest truth into the late night hours for over twenty five years now. Sometimes wine or whisky were involved. More often there was a simple compulsion to capture that emotion, in whatever words or music could be whispered, or sometimes dragged screaming, out of the deep, and mysterious pool of human connections and experience. On other occasions he has pure fun simply playing with words and music.

Fee lives in Campbeltown, Kintyre, a wonderful, inspirational place with a thriving tradition in many musical genres which has played a massive influence upon his  eclectic songwriting. For most of his professional life he has worked as a carer, in the meantime helping to raise an extended family clan consisting of  his own children and long term foster children (9 in total, all boys) along with his Dutch wife, Ineke.  A first Grandson recently arrived, magically making Fee, like a sea breeze off the Atlantic, feel younger than he really is.

When he is not writing or singing songs Fee likes to spend time with his family, reading, or going out walking along the hills and coastlines of Kintyre.