Martin Toye

Martin grew up in a small village near the town of Dunoon in Argyll. His parents were very interested in Hi-fi and had a large, eclectic record collection which he listened to throughout his childhood. When Martin was fourteen, he started learning the guitar however never took it seriously, and by the age of seventeen he was average at best. His friends started a band and were looking for a front-man, and Martin stepped into the role. The band were, admittedly, terrible and never lasted long, however after Martin left school, he went on to study performing arts and that’s when his love for singing really began.

Martin started busking at the weekend in Glasgow rather than getting a job to support himself whilst studying. To start with he only knew a few covers, however after a year of busking he had about a hundred popular cover songs in his repertoire and, had started writing his own material. From there, he ended up the singer of a band with two very talented musicians. Creative differences broke them apart and Martin started doing solo acoustic gigs around Scotland.

Unfortunately as Martin got older and the pressures of real life forced him to get a job, music took a back seat for a while. In 2014, Martin spent his savings on quality equipment and got back out on the gig circuit. Not long after that a friend told him about a music programme she had seen advertised and suggested Martin applied – and Martin became a Music Makes Me artist! Martin continues to write music and performs on a regular basis. He says “Music is the thing that gets me up in the morning and what puts me to sleep at night.”